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The Story of Building a Dynasty

“You run out of adjectives to describe what the  Ottmanns have accomplished. It’s hard to oversell the  success they have engendered, and yet it’s so easy  to miss how great their legacies have truly been. For  all of their triumph, Tim and Angela remain steadfast  in their insistence it was not easy. It took unbelievable  sacrifice, heartache, and continued growth along the  way. Continuing to have success year after year was  a monumental task that required determined effort  and created unbearable pressure. 

Tim and Angela believe that pressure is a privilege.“

a powerhouse couple who deliver sound coaching advice for both experienced and novice coaches in any sport

what our clients say

Fantastic presentation! Angela and Tim bring energy and a ton of experience with them to share. I had the pleasure of hearing them at the IHSDTA Fall Conference. I heard several new ideas to add to my coaching bag of tricks as well as felt that some of what they said solidified what I was already doing. The two of them present from both the administrative side as well as the coaching side so all aspects are addressed. As Angela says - she hopes you will come away with a sprinkle that you can add to your coaching - but trust me, you will come away with so much more. Thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning!
Denise Heilers
Forest Park High School Dance Coach - 34 years

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