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Our goal is to provide trusted coaching advice to both novice and experienced coaches and Athletic Directors to empower them to build successful teams and sports programs.

Looking for a dynamic powerhouse couple to inspire and motivate your coaches to be the best they can be? Well, look no further than “Team Ottmann!” This powerhouse couple is ready to share proven successful ideas and strategies to energize your coaching staff and help them build a program they can be proud of. 

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We would love to partner with you, so please reach out to us, and let’s build the next generation of winners!!! We would love to speak at your upcoming conference, provide small group workshops, or engage with coaches or Athletic Directors with one on one opportunities!!! Book us now and move one step closer to becoming a champion!!!

Speaking Engagements

Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event? We would love to work with you.

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Small group workshops to help address the challenges you face in an personalized setting.

1:1 Consultations

A great opportunity for Athletic Directors and Coaches to get 1:1 support in building their programs.

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Dynamic powerhouse couple to inspire and motivate your coaches

Tim and Angela Ottmann, aka – “Team Ottmann” have over 50 years of combined coaching experience, including 19 state championships in both dance and wrestling. They are a powerhouse couple who deliver sound coaching advice for both experienced and novice coaches in any sport, as well as Athletic Directors looking for ideas to improve their overall sports programs. Their main focus is on “Coaching The Coaches.”

PARTNER WITH US: Better together!

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